Who we are and where we work

Factor of Hope (FOH) is a private voluntary organization (PVO), registration number PVO 04/11 and headquartered in Marondera in Mashonaland East province. Our footprint currently covers 4 rural districts namely; Marondera, Hwedza, Chikomba and Mudzi. We are passionate about development work and using the best available resources, we provide cost-effective, efficient and sustainable development solutions to restore HOPE to underprivileged rural communities.


What we do

We provide development programs and interventions on food, security and rural livelihoods to poor and underprivileged rural communities. Our main aim is to build resilience through capacity- building and training of beneficiaries and local change agents on sustainable development.


Who are our clients and partners

Our clients are poor and underprivileged rural households and communities. Our partners include; community volunteers, community based institutions and NGOs, local government authorities, relevant government ministries and agencies such as Min. Agriculture, Min. Local Government, rural health centres such as clinics and hospitals, UN agencies such as FAO, UNICEF and WHO and other private businesses.


Vision Statement

Our Vision - is to be the leading community-based primary voluntary organization in the provision of sustainable development programs aimed at transforming the lives of poor rural communities for the better.


Mission Statement

Our Mission - is to restore HOPE to human dignity rendered vulnerable by both natural and man-made disasters through mitigation, adaptation, preparedness, relief and risk management programs and interventions.


Our Organization's Objectives are:

  1. To complement the Civil Protection Unit in disaster preparedness and intervention within the area of operation


       2. To provide food, shelter, clothing, water and sanitation to victims of disasters and the           homeless.


        3. To train, build and develop the coping capacity of beneficiaries to ensure                             sustainable development.                    


Program Core Competencies


  1. Food security, environmental management, agricultural productivity and competitiveness (FSEMAC):

The FSEMAC program comprises of project interventions that include; conservation agriculture (CA), small livestock support (SLS), nutrition gardens support (NGS), farmer field schools (FFS), environmental management (EM) and agro forestry (AF), agriculture input support and output market development, value addition, market infrastructure rehabilitation and development.


  1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM):

The DRRM program comprises of programs and interventions for effective response to disaster risks such as; capacity building of vulnerable households on early warning systems, climate-smart technologies, agricultural inputs and alternative livelihoods so as to increase resilience of communities to agriculture, environmental, food and nutrition threats. In the aftermath of disasters, interventions will include provision of food and NFIs such as food packs, tents, clothing and safe drinking water to disaster victims.


  1. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene(WASH)

The WASH program comprises of the provision of project interventions that include; construction of sanitary facilities such as the Ventilated Blair toilets, drilling of boreholes, distribution of NFIs such as water purification tablets and training on participatory health and hygiene education (PHHE).


  1. Mainstreaming Gender, Disability, HIV and AIDS in all programs.

Factor of Hope (FOH) will ensure inclusiveness of gender, disability, HIV and AIDS issues in all its programs and interventions. Special attention will be made to ensure that nobody is discriminated against during beneficiary targeting and provision of support.